Applied Handgun


Course Description

This course will provide you with handgun training beyond that of the standard CPL course. You will receive instruction on advanced shooting techniques and tactics that will give you the edge in a violent encounter. The course is 9 hours long and will be conducted entirely on the range. This is not an NRA course.

The training will include:

•  Drawing and firing from the holster, concealed and unconcealed

•  Reloading and malfunction drills

•  Marksmanship at varying distances

•  Multiple and partial targets

•  Shooting while moving

•  Point shooting

•  Use of cover

Student Requirements

This is not a basic course. Students must already possess safe gun-handling skills and basic marksmanship with a handgun.

Any of the following are acceptable proof of required experience:

•  Valid CPL or CPL course training certificate

•  Current or retired law enforcement

•  Military Service (active, retired, veteran, reserve/guard)

Required Equipment

•  Handgun: must be functional and clean

•  2 magazines or speed-loaders (3 or more preferred)

•  400 rounds of ammunition

•  Cover garment to conceal handgun as normally carried (shirt, jacket, vest, etc.)

•  Sturdy gun belt and magazine pouches

•  Sturdy holster

- Strong side carry or appendix carry only

- Made of rigid leather or kydex

- Trigger-guard must be covered by holster

- Inside the waistband holsters allowed, but must be rigid and stay open for   holstering



•  Eye Protection (shooting glasses)

•  Hearing Protection (ear-muffs or ear-plugs)

•  Weather appropriate clothing and footwear – outdoor range.




•  Deposit of $100.00 must be received 3 business days prior to class date to reserve seat.

•  Deposit is non-refundable but may be put toward a rescheduled course within one calender year.

•  PayPal now available via this website.

•  Check or money order made out to Campbell Tactical.

•  Cash will also be  accepted for remaining balance on class date.